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What's the standard way to refer to a Codidact community?


When referring to individual Codidact communities, what is the standard way of referring to them? In most cases, the name of the community is a generic term that doesn't by itself refer specifically to this community, from an external point of view.

For example, how do I fill in the blank when I tell my non-Codidact-aware friend "I found this great recipe for Toffee-apple ice cream on _______."?


  • the Cooking community/site on Codidact
  • Codidact Cooking
  • Cooking Codidact
  • Cooking.Codidact
  • Cooking.CD

This question came up in the context of a question on this question's resoultion, applied to "Judaism"'s Meta about how to refer to the community in its own FAQ, to distinguish it from the religion that its title is generically the word for.

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I'd say Cooking Codidact or Cooking.CD. Of course, the Cooking community on Codidact would also go, but is a bit lengthy IMO. You can also consider "the Cooking community" or "this community" (especially in a FAQ) luap42 about 1 month ago

I'd say "wait and see". We're not the Académie française or the Real Academia Española, that we should decide what people should use. See what they do use. It's early days yet. Or start using whatever you like and see if it catches on. msh210 about 1 month ago

@msh210 That's fine, and this post will be open to answers indefinitely. For now, I need an answer to Isaac Moses about 1 month ago

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I'm not sure if we have a 'canonical' way of doing this, so i'm going to answer with my own opinion.

Assuming it's a community that is hosted by us, I think the safest way of doing this is to refer to the subdomain and domain.

so will always be unique and distinct and also denotes the URL that it can be accessed at. It's probably OK to drop the .com without losing too much.

I think anything else loses meaning - anyone who doesn't know about Codidact is going to have no idea - so it needs to be pretty explicit.

Cooking Codidact doesn't really reference the fact that its a website. By now most people will get by inference that it's a website by mentioning the "dot".

Some examples of usage:

"Hey, have you heard of this cool new site called Codidact? They have a community on there called cooking.codidact that you might be interested in"

"One sec, i'm just going to post on cooking.codidact"

"Welcome to the community"

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The link text doesn't need to match the link content. You could have "Codidact Cooking site" link to the URL. Olin Lathrop about 1 month ago

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