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Is there a points count error?


I think there might be some sort of point bug. Two days ago, over on Judaism I had 38 points. The next day I was down to 28, leading me to believe that I had gotten multiple down-votes for a post I had made on the Judaism Meta. Hopped over to that post on the Meta and saw only one down-vote. Went back to the Q&A and noticed I had jumped to 52 points. I checked all my posts and there wasn't anything special (that is, maybe one new up-vote, at best). Earlier this morning, I hopped over to Writing and I was suddenly at 102 points. Now I'm down to 57 in Judaism but 102 on Writing and Scientific Speculation and 1 point on other sites, without having posted anywhere besides Judaism and the main Meta.

On Meta points, I was at 51 after my voting limit question and now I'm at 45, unable to find any voting changes in any of my posts.

Am I missing something? Do points work like stock investments? :) Kidding aside, what's going on?

Why should this post be closed?


Most likely a combination of two things: a troll downvoting all questions and some issues with restoring reputation (recalculating after deleting the votes). I'll answer, once we have fixed this. luap42 19 days ago

@luap42 On Cooking, we also have some users with a lot of reputation but without any posts: And my points jumped as well even though nothing has happened so far. Zerotime 19 days ago

@Zerotime yeah. There is mpst likely a bug in the reputation recalc script. @ArtOfCode will surely look into it later when they have time. luap42 19 days ago

Definitely a bug, and being looked into. This is affecting all sites. Monica Cellio 19 days ago

And I thought it was the "wheel of reputation". Spin it around and see what you get! manassehkatz 19 days ago

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