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What is the requirement to be able to vote up a post in Meta? [closed]


closed as duplicate by luap42 on Jul 24, 2020 at 15:35

This question has been answered before. See: Why is there a voting limit?

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I want to vote up a question in meta and I receive the following error:

Failed: You have used your daily vote limit: 0/0 (403)

I assume that I must have a minimum reputation (currently I have 1), but I cannot find out anything of a reasonable size about the matter.

**Update: **I have just realized that I am able to vote up after posting this and getting an upvote.

Why should this post be closed?


tl;dr of the duplicate: You have as many daily votes as reputation. (The minimum number N is set to 0 currently for troll mitigation). luap42 12 days ago

@luap42 - oh, it makes sense, but I find the message confusing for the newbies. Thanks. Alexei 12 days ago

That makes sense. I’ll look into finding a more clear wording. luap42 12 days ago

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