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Make message about voting limits for new users clear


On other Q&A sites it's quite common to newcomers vote on some answer/question that they liked. Moreover user might even join to a community just to express their support.

While I understand the restrictions I think it would be better to change the text.

You have used your daily vote limit: 0/0

Though the message is totally correct it's also a bit frustrating. My first reaction was: "This couldn't be a bug, right?"

As an alternative some link to the page that explains rules would be nice. At least for few first levels.

Currently What are trust levels and how are they calculated? section in the FAQ referers to the deprecated wiki page. Yeah, there is a reference to the Trust Levels Tracker document but it looks rather as a draft to me.

One more option (not controversial to previous one): just hide the buttons totally then it will be clear that user has no permission to perform the action.

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