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Announcing a new user tour


Oh... yet another announcement from me :)

So, we built a new user tour, which explains how Codidact works. Every new user will get an inbox-notification inviting them to take the tour (only once, not at every community join).

Guided by our friendly neighborhood Codidactyl, they'll learn about asking and answering questions, about flagging, voting and everything else that's special about our sites.


first page of tour

Page explaining what to do with answers:

an other page of the tour

You can also start the tour manually, by going to /tour. Give it a try and if you have some feedback, write it in the answers to this question.

Why should this post be closed?


@msh210 yes, thanks. fixed now. luap42 11 days ago

Is anything going to be done about how it looks on mobile? (It looks scary :P ) Dani 11 days ago

@Dani Yes. I'll improve the mobile view in the future. The problem is, that we likely want the sidebar to be broken down, so not Body, Title, Tags | Explanation, but Body, ExplanationBody, Title, ExplanationTitle, Tags, ExplanationTags... luap42 10 days ago

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