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Will there ever be something akin to StackExchange Community Wikis? While I'm not sure of the specifics (I've never interacted with its posts), I believe that it allows such things as letting the community review edit suggestions instead of the original poster.

The use case that I'm thinking of is for the Resources category of Language, where I'm active-ish. Since one of the roles of the category was to be a community wiki of sorts, it would help streamline updating the resources (right now, if the poster takes a break from the site, we're stuck unless someone with direct edit privileges steps in)

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I think you're asking about what SE calls community wiki, as opposed to the community user. On SE, the Community user owns things that are otherwise ownerless, like posts from deleted users. Community wiki, on the other hand, is a status that an individual post has, meaning "make it easy for people to edit this".

I've been wondering if we need that too. I've been further wondering: should this be something set for individual posts, or should it be possible to change editing restrictions on a category-by-category basis? The latter can be implemented using the former, of course, but: do we need to be able to set this status on selected posts in other categories, like that one answer in the Q&A category, or does having categories (which SE doesn't) naturally push sites toward the wikis being in, well, a wiki category? (Or resources, or whatever a community decides to call it.)

I think we'll want to do something here. I'd like feedback on what fits our platform best.

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Oh, is that what it's called? I'll edit my post to fix it ‭Moshi‭ 2 months ago

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