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The site claims I made edits to post while I was offline


The site claims I edited this post 6 hours ago:

6 hours ago I was very much asleep since that's around 4am here. I don't remember editing this post at all, but maybe I did long time ago and it didn't get approved until now?

At any rate it's rather creepy that the site claims I was active when I wasn't. Makes me think my account has been hacked. It should show the date and time when the edit was proposed.

Additionally, the post edit history is completely useless since it doesn't show what was changed.

Why should this post be closed?


It was this suggested edit that got applied: Likely you changed the tags or title, hence it isn’t shown. However, this is just a theory I can’t verify (right now). ‭luap42‭ 28 days ago

Thanks for posting this. I saw the activity too, then went looking for what change, but couldn't find it. ‭Olin Lathrop‭ 28 days ago

Part of the problem is related to this bug: ‭Lundin‭ 28 days ago

Is "The site claims " correct, strictly speaking? There is a timestamp that I agree at least strongly implies that, but if when a proposal came into effect is useful information, it could be reasonable for a single stamp to favour 'implemented' over 'suggested'. Maybe there should be two stamps, or at least clarification of the significance. (The latter may exist without my having noticed it.) ‭pnuts‭ 28 days ago

@pnuts Actually, the time when someone suggests an edit also shows up in user activity as "Suggested Edit" and also says whether the edit was "helpful" (accepted) or "declined". The existence of the latter information makes the "Edit" activity for when the edit was accepted kind of pointless imo ‭Moshi‭ 27 days ago

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The timestamp for edits is when the post is changed. Notably, that means that the time does not correspond to the time when an edit was suggested.

This is your edit suggestion, which was approved while you were asleep:

The site should probably distinguish between "edited" (by direct edit) and "edited" (by having a suggested edit approved), but right now it doesn't and this sort of thing is the result.


So not a [bug] - perhaps a [feature-request]? ‭pnuts‭ 28 days ago

The problem is that it says on the main page" last activity 6 hours ago by Lundin". If someone was to ask me why I made edits to that post 6 hours ago (when I were asleep) I wouldn't have a clue. ‭Lundin‭ 27 days ago

Also related: on SE they add more details by distinguishing between "asked", "answered" and "modified" changes. That way people browsing can separate interesting activity (new question, new answers) from less interesting activity (typo fixes etc). ‭Lundin‭ 27 days ago

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