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What are the close reasons on Codidact?


In my opinion the following should be the only default close reason for any Codidact community:

  • CoC (without the problematic sentence) violation
  • obvious spam, like posting nonsense things or promoting
  • (obviously) off-topic post
  • too vague such that no one can answer
  • (exactly) duplicate post

(Please note that "what is 1+1?" is not an exact duplicate of "what is 1+2?" but "How can we find the sum of 1 and 1?").

I think other possible reasons (like "opinion-based" or "needs more effort") should be determined by the community itself; such reasons may not be appropriate for each community. For example, opinion-based posts are unlikely suitable for a math community, but they may be suitable for an interpersonal skills community.

Why should this post be closed?


1 answer


CoC violations and spam shouldn't be closed, but deleted IMO.

But that aside, the current close system will be overhauled in the future, when the devs have come around to it. In the mean time, all close reasons are editable per-site and any community can change them if wanted (mods should be able to do so without assistance from staff).

If I recall correctly, the future close system will be based on three groups of problems with posts:

  1. Duplicates.
  2. Off-topic. This includes every post that isn't suitable for a site. If a community should ban easy questions, "too easy" would fall under this entry. Off-topic posts are inherently unfixable.
  3. Needs author's attention. These posts can be fixed but need attention from the author, because not everyone can do so (for example: missing information).

For the groups 2 and 3, the sites will be able to define sub-reasons (such as: "opinion based" under off-topic or "unclear" under needs author's attention). It might be possible to support the selection of multiple problems for these groups, or at least group 3.


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