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What is clicking the inbox icon in the top bar actually supposed to do?


I'm starting to wonder if my earlier bug report was based on a misunderstanding. If it is, though, I think the UI needs to be clarified. Anyway...

Just what is expected behavior when the inbox icon shows a number, indicating that I have unread notifications, and I click on either the inbox icon or the number next to it?

Just now, I saw a nice "2" next to it, so I clicked the inbox icon -- and nothing appeared to happen. I then reloaded the page, and the "2" was gone, even though I hadn't taken any other action anywhere on Codidact, and hadn't been able to see any of the notifications.

Is that intended behavior? How am I actually supposed to access the inbox?

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It is supposed to open the notifications inbox.

My notifications

However, due to a bug,, this will fail under certain conditions. When this happens, your notifications will be marked read without the notifications showing up.


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