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What languages have syntax highlighting support?


Users can specify the language of a code block by adding it after the first set of triple backticks. For example, this question over on Software Dev uses it for C.

What programming languages are supported by the syntax highlighter?

Why should this post be closed?


I could have sworn that we had C highlighting at least, since this question ( uses it ‭Moshi‭ 16 days ago

I give up, the damn thing is probably just not enabled on Meta for some reason. ‭Moshi‭ 16 days ago

@Moshi syntax highlighting is only enabled for communities where we expect code, because (like Mathjax) it adds some rendering time to every post and we don't want to slow down sites that wouldn't benefit. Sorry about your edge case; it's certainly reasonable to ask on Meta about the syntax highlighter, since it's a general (configurable) tool, but unfortunately you can't demonstrate it here. ‭Monica Cellio‭ 16 days ago

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Codidact uses highlight.js for syntax highlighting. We support whatever languages are enabled by default in that package; we haven't restricted them. As I write this, they list 189 languages with examples on their website as well as on a table on their GitHub.

Syntax highlighting is enabled for communities that request it, but not everywhere. (That's why your attempts to provide an example didn't work here on Meta.) We do this because, like Mathjax, syntax highlighting adds some rendering time to every post, and we don't want to slow down sites that wouldn't benefit.

When highlighting (or Mathjax) is enabled for a community, it's enabled for all categories, including meta.


Please make sure that it is enabled on the metas for the tech sites though. There will occasionally be a need to bring up the technical content of posts on meta. ‭Lundin‭ 16 days ago

@Lundi those settings are shared between all categories, so all per-community metas have them too if the other categories have them. ‭luap42 is a ghost 👻 ‭ 16 days ago

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