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Should we display the number of views?


I personally like the idea of knowing how many people have viewed my posts. Even if it's only shown for the person who posted the question

Why should this post be closed?


This is a 2-part issue: 1 - Is this information recorded? 2 - Do we want to display it? Recording this is a significant hit to the database - an update for every single view. It gets a bit more complicated if we want to track unique (i.e., per user) views. If this is already being tracked then display is a UI/policy issue. If it is not already being tracked then (based on my experience in other projects) I would think long & hard before adding that tracking. @ArtOfCode ? ‭manassehkatz‭ 6 days ago

I would imagine that the main reason SE displays it, is to see which posts that are most profitable. They refuse to delete some bad or off-topic old posts if they have enough traffic. We hopefully will have no need for that. But maybe there are other uses - knowing which ones that are high traffic vs low traffic tags might be useful during moderation. ‭Lundin‭ 5 days ago

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