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How to financially support the Codidact project?


The main Codidact page tells us that:

Our goal is to build an open-source platform for community-driven Q&A sites. We aim to welcome beginners and experts alike and to empower communities of learners and teachers. We'll fund it by seeking donations, not by paywalls, and work with individual communities that want to join us.

Clearly, there are some costs associated with hosting the communities (webservers, database servers).

I am interested in also contributing financially to this project. How can I do that?

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See also: How is Codidact financed? Canina‭ about 1 month ago

By way of example, I am mentioning Open Collective (, which is a reputable system for handling contributor payments (they are used by webpack and curl, just to name 2 examples), in case an interested staffer comes across this post looking for relevant systems. sau226‭ 29 days ago

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We're currently not able to accept donations, since we don't yet have a nonprofit set up quite yet. However, as mentioned in the Newsletter, we're actively working on setting one up!

A couple weeks ago, several Codidact members sat down on a Zoom call with a legal advisor sort of person who can help us set up an organization, and things are progressing quickly. We're in the stage where we've reviewing the organization's bylaws and related things, and then we'll submit it all and officially become a company.

We'll be based in the UK, at least for now, because that's where it simplest to set up a nonprofit. We'll be setting up as a Community interest company initially, with the plan to change over to a Charitable incorporated organization, but becoming a CIO is a much longer process.

Hopefully before the year is out - if things continue at the right pace - we'll be set up as an organization, which will then be able to accept donations.



It's great to hear that you are interested in helping us funding our project. That's like really excitingly awesome.

Unfortunately, we don't want to accept donations until we have a proper legal structure, that can be held accountable. We don't want you to have to trust some of our team members that they do the right thing with the money, we want you to be able to know that the right things happen with your money.

We are currently working on setting up a legal structure. We've been making good process over the last few weeks. There is an amazing lawyer that'll help us setting up a non-profit organization (the process will be two-leveled; first we incorporate as a "CIC" -- community interest company, then we'll become a proper charity with tax benefits, but that takes more time). As far as I can tell, we'll hopefully be able to complete incorporation before the end of the year. Y'all will hear from us when we've done it.

So... thanks for your offer and we'd be really glad if your offer will be still there in a few weeks/months when we've officially become an incorporated organization.


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