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Implement duplicate up-down vote buttons


I would like to have a smaller pair of duplicate UP and Down vote buttons at the end of a answer or question so I can vote after I have read it. I do not want to scroll up to vote especially if there is only one answer and I do not need to read further to make my vote.

Such 'advanced' features can be small and even configurable. A pop-up could indicate that they can be hidden if they are bothersome. After 6 months the majority selection by active users could be used to determine the default status.

EDIT: I would always prefer features that use less scripting. I like to browse with third party script loading off when first visiting a site and it would be cool if features would fall back for such users. So a no script way to achieve a floating button cluster would be ideal.

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For the buttons, I propose something bolder: don't duplicate them, move them. The logical time to make a voting decision is when you've read a post, so I agree they belong at the bottom. But why have them at the top?

Currently we bundle the reporting of existing votes and the voting buttons together, but we don't have to. We could find a way to show existing votes at the top but have the buttons to cast votes at the bottom. Why do they need to go together?

(I agree with the suggestion in a comment to break this into two posts, so I'm addressing the one in your title but not the other issue you raised.)

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I posted a comment but it did not stick, not sure if I have enough cred. The floating idea same as posted in other answer would be ideal but I fear the scripting cost. If it can be done with styling or HTML code then that would be ideal. Sometimes you will want to vote from the top because you read all the answers and have returned to the top and want to vote on the first answer having to find the end would be unneeded work (unless fast navigation). KalleMP‭ 19 days ago

@KalleMP‭ I don't see a comment from you (even deleted). Is it possible you clicked the "discard" button instead of the "post" button? Monica Cellio‭ 18 days ago


To address the issue about the position of the up/down vote buttons, instead of having them exist in a static position at the top or bottom of the post, why not have the whole voting widget move as the user reads the answer? That way they are always visible, no matter which part of the post the user is viewing.

When you first scroll down to an answer, the voting buttons should be at the top of the post, where they are now. But as you scroll through a (presumably long) answer, the voting buttons scroll with you, always floating to the left of the post. As you reach the end of the answer, the voting buttons should stop at the bottom of the post. That way the voting buttons are easily accessible no matter where you are in the answer.

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Yes, I concur this would be best. Indication and tools all in one fixed place is optimal. KalleMP‭ 19 days ago

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