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Draft saved notice disrupts page flow [closed]


Closed as duplicate by Moshi‭ on Nov 14, 2020 at 05:44

This question has been answered before. See: Preview keeps jumping up and down

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I love the editor, it is so white and clean. I think the idea of having the title field at the bottom is genius. It lets you collect your thoughts and make a really meaningful title.

I have a complaint though that is a styling issue I expect. There is a wee notification Draft Saved under the edit box that informs what is happening. Can it always remain there and just be set to back ground colour so that the page does not have to re-flow after it is placed and removed so causing a very irritating shifting of stuff just out of the field of vision.

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I'm sure this is a duplicate, but that was a while ago and the page popping up and down still hasn't been fixed. This issue needs to be heard again. Olin Lathrop‭ 18 days ago

@OlinLathrop this is a dupe of Kind of hesitant to close as dupe though, given that the other has no answers. Moshi‭ 18 days ago

@Moshi you can close this as a dupe, I'll try to reproduce the effect in the question you linked above and file an issue weegee‭ 18 days ago

@weegee all right then. Moshi‭ 17 days ago

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