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What kinds of data import can QPixel support?


How granular can data-import be for QPixel (I realize the answer might be different later for Codidact), and can it be done more than once? We know it's possible to import "everything", but which of the following would be possible, and which can be done incrementally?

  • All open questions on a tag or tags?
  • All open questions scoring > N and all of their answers > M?
  • All posts by a particular user or users?
  • Specific questions (with answers)?

Suppose a site wants to start small, importing selected tags, to try us out. Can more imports be run later to pick up other tags?

Suppose a site decides to import content from QPixel users (the "let me bring my stuff" model). When new users create accounts, can their posts be imported too? (It would be fine for these imports to be batched and delayed.)

Suppose a site has some individual questions that wouldn't otherwise be included, e.g. historically-locked questions (which are closed) -- can they specify a list of post IDs or URLs or something?

Imports are from the last data dump; can imports be "topped off" through the API, or would anything newer than the data dump need to be copied in manually?

I'm not making requests here; I'm asking what's generally possible, to inform discussions with communities. (One in particular, but others will presumably want to know this too.)

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New & Improved Imports v3.0 is out now on a Codidact site near you.

It takes data from the data dump where it can, fills in from the API where it can't, and lets you select exactly which posts to import by giving it a SEDE query specifying the post IDs to bring over. You can import anything that you can specify with a SEDE query - so selecting by users, tags (or combinations of tags), dates, scores - whatever - is totally possible.

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