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Single account or one per community?


I just signed up here on meta because that was my initial point of entry. The underlying reason of interest for me is However I just failed to sign up there with my meta credentials. Is this by design or due to outdoors still being "in construction", i.e. should I create an account there now or wait? And if it is by design, do you plan on being able to join communities with a single account?

And related (please tell me if I should move it to a separate Q):
Will one be able to associate ones account with an account that has Q&As imported?

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I'll leave the main part of your question for someone who can speak more authoritatively, but on your related question: yes, you will be able to link your Codidact Outdoors account to your SE Outdoors account and thus claim your content here. Monica Cellio 3 months ago

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It's a single account. Once you've signed up on any site on, you'll be able to sign into any other site on with the same credentials. You don't need to sign up again, just log in with the same details and you'll be able to access the site.