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Category subscription emits an error "must provide a valid category ID"


From the Meta category on Writing I clicked the "subscribe" button, filled out the form, submitted, and got this error:

Following the instructions there, I am reporting it here.

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Why should this post be closed?


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Should also be fixed with the next deploy.

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I hit a couple of 500 errors today, it says you would see it in the logs (maybe), so I did not open a new meta post, you can just delete this comment. P.S. Thanks for fixing those titles James Jenkins about 1 month ago

Yup, I picked up on them, @JamesJenkins - you can also report on meta if you want to, quote the error ID it gives you. That mostly just helps me keep track of what's actually affecting people and what's low-priority. ArtOfCode about 1 month ago