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"show more comments" link not obvious


If a post has a lot of comments, the last ones are hidden behind a "Show more comments" link. For some reason, even though I know it's there, I really have to think about it each time. "I thought I replied to this... did my comment get lost? ... oh yeah!"

It would be nice to have this be more visible.

It would also be nice to have comment voting, so that the most valuable comments can be shown by default rather than just the first ones.

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Heh. I just ran into this entirely independently too, so this is definitely an issue. I'll see what I can do about that. ArtOfCode 28 days ago

Part of the issue, I think, is that "show more comments" remains even after you've clicked it and are seeing them all. Ultimately comments will be threaded, which should help -- you'll be able to expand or collapse threads rather than having to weave through conversations all at the top level. Monica Cellio 28 days ago

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