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Markdown preview of bulleted list with leading text


If I put leading text into the post body textbox immediately before a bulleted list, like this:

Leading text:
* First item
* Second item

In the preview below the box it shows up correctly, with the asterisks as bullets. However, when I go to actually post, it all gets conglomerated into one line:

Leading text: * First item * Second item

That is to say, the above text looks "correct" (with bullets) now in the preview as I'm typing, but won't look right once I click post.

It looks like there needs to be an empty line before the bulleted list in order to have the preview match up with the actual posted result. I kind of don't care one way or the other whether you need the blank line, but having the preview do different functionality than what shows up when you actually post looks like a bug to me.

Nowhere near the top of the list of things to do, I'm sure, but I figured it couldn't hurt to report it.

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I don't know if it's related, but yesterday I was writing a post with a multi-paragraph blockquote, and the preview showed me one block per paragraph instead of one big block no matter what I did. Eventually I ran out of ideas and decided to post and then file the bug report -- and the post was fine. It looks like the preview and the live site aren't using exactly the same rendering code. Monica Cellio 26 days ago

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Yeah, the preview and server side are using different libraries. See also for a similar issue.

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