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Body preview of writing a question can appear differently than when posted...


There was some strange behavior when I typed in my last post. I noticed that there is different behavior when you type something inside a preview of a body versus when you make a post (or save the changes).

Actual result

Here's an example: * Bullet points after returning a single line when typing like this shows up normally in preview (see picture below)... but right now it might look like it's currently inline with the previous line.

When drafting a post

Actual result

Another example:

Smaller text here

When drafting a post

So as you can see, there's some different behavior from what the preview shows and what the actual post shows.

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This happens because the preview is being rendered client-side by a JavaScript library, while the actual post is being rendered server-side using a Rails library. I've been told it's not feasible to use the exact same library in both places, but finding a way to resolve these differences (so they behave the same way even though they're different code) is on the to-do list.

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