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Codidact Meta is the meta-discussion site for the Codidact community network and the Codidact software. Whether you have bug reports or feature requests, support questions or rule discussions that touch the whole network – this is the site for you.

Tags for Site Proposals

7 tags

idea × 19

If you have a vague idea for a new site, but no community for it yet, you can post an "interest check" with this tag.

proposal × 16

Use this tag for suggesting a new site. Important: You should have a community of some interested users helping to build ...

status-definition × 8

The basic parameters of the site -- scope, any special needs, special uses of Codidact features, etc -- is in the process ...

status-needs-people × 6

This proposal needs more people who will participate in and help build the community if launched. Generally we apply the ...

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