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Initial revision by user avatar Monica Cellio · 2020-02-12T03:10:27Z (5 months ago)
Our initial communities will almost certainly be groups of users from SE communities. A mature community should choose its own moderators and those are the people who can speak for the community when requesting things from the instance admins, but what should we do *initially*, before things are that far along?

For the Writing community, current and recent SE moderators were among the users coming here so we took the expedient approach: if you were a mod on Writing.SE, you could be a mod on the QPixel Writing site for the asking. That works if mods are among the initial users.

What should we do if that's not the case?

There aren't a lot of moderator powers on Qpixel right now (close/reopen, delete, see flags), and there's not a lot of per-site customization available (as far as I know). The stakes are currently low, but I'm asking this question now because having an answer *before* we have a live case seems like a way to reduce drama. The answer could still be "we'll wing it", but this is a chance to discuss it before we open for business.

So: should SE mods automatically be "pro-tem" mods? And who should be if a community doesn't have any imported mods?