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Allow mods to pin posts to the sidebar


Currently two sites, Outdoors and Photography are running month-long contests. Currently, both are showing up in the Hot Posts list, but that will only be for a week or so.

Could it be possible to add the ability for mods to pin a post to the sidebar manually?

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Aye, mod tags like featured have been on my "want this" list for a while... it's on the list, just need to find some time to work on it. ArtOfCode about 2 months ago

@ArtOfCode you don't need to find time anymore. I'm working on it... :) (FWIW it won't be solved through "mod-only tags", but through the option of a mod-editable calendar-like list. luap42 8 days ago

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Thanks for your suggestion. This has been completed. See Announcing featured links.


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