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Browser-Specific Image Problems


There have been some "images don't display in all browsers" problems. This is a test of that. Each image is "Test Image" in magenta/pink letters on a white background.

PNG Image alt text

JPG Image alt text

TIF Image alt text

BMP Image alt text

Tested using

  • Windows 7 & 10 Firefox: TIF does not display
  • Windows 7 & 10 Chrome: TIF does not display
  • Windows 7 & 10 Opera: TIF does not display
  • Windows 7 & 10 IE: BMP does not display
  • Windows 7 & 10 Edge: TIF does not display
  • Mac Safari: No problems!
  • Mac Firefox: TIF does not display
  • Mac Chrome: TIF does not display
  • Mac Opera: TIF does not display
  • Mac Edge: TIF does not display
  • Android (Google Pixel 4) Chrome: TIF does not display
  • Android (Google Pixel 4) Firefox: TIF does not display
  • iOS (iPhone 11) Safari: No problems!
  • iOS (iPhone 11) Chrome: No problems!

This appears to not be a Codidact problem per se:

  • If I try to display the files directly (file://c:/etc. as a URL) in Firefox, the PNG, JPG and BMP all work as expected but TIF ends up as a download.
  • Another (ahem) helpful site has some information about this problem.

So it appears that JPG and PNG are the only truly reliable image formats. Actually, I'm 99+% certain that GIF is also universal, but generally speaking JPG and PNG are preferred to GIF.

Probably no quick & easy solution. Suggestions:

  • Check filetype on upload and only allow if filetype (based on contents, not simply file extension) is PNG, JPG or GIF. This has the advantage of not just blocking marginal image formats but also helping to block malicious Javascript or other nasty stuff.
  • Detect BMP and TIF and offer to convert to JPG or PNG using ImageMagick or a similar system.
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I can see "Test Image" for all 4 image types. Using Edge on Win10. Olin Lathrop 12 days ago

I suspect this is IE/Edge/Windows. TIFF images seem to work there, but not in other environments. ArtOfCode 12 days ago

I can't see the TIFF image. For the others I see "Test image" in magenta/pink letters (not sure if that's what I'm supposed to see - maybe you should say "if you can read these words you can see the image") Andy aka 11 days ago

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Completed pending deploy: we'll only allow web-safe image types (PNG, JPEG, GIF). I looked at automatically converting other image types, but it's frustratingly difficult in our current version of Rails - once we upgrade (no timeline on that yet), we might be able to look again.


Might I suggest also adding webp? It's gaining some significant acceptance and I think is now in all browser but legacy IE. Peter Cooper Jr. 7 days ago

Mozilla Developer Network has a nice article on image types and current browser support; I'd recommend accepting apng, gif, ico, jpeg, png, svg, & webp. Peter Cooper Jr. 5 days ago