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Show me the rep!


Now that we are getting some activity on the EE site, I'm discovering features I used more than I realized on SE.

On SE, you could go to your activity > reputation and see all the recent votes you received. You could also look at your question and/or answer history sorted by rep. I miss both those, and would like to have them here.

The first is very useful to get a sense for what is currently going over well with the users. Usually the first thing I did on SE each day was look at the rep changes over the last day. Over the years, I got better at judging what kind of writing, presentation, and topics people will like, but it never got to the point where there wasn't a surprise now and then. I found this a good way to get aggregated feedback from the "customers".

I could also watch the "trend of the week" or what a popular homework assignment was. For example, if five answers all having to do with ethernet hardware got upvoted, I could tell that someone was doing digging on that subject. If each got just one upvote, then it was probably a single user doing their research. If there were multiple upvotes, it was usually a homework assignment.

These users would find related answers that I had long forgotten about. Sometimes that would lead to editing them to reference each other, be more consistent, and on rare occasions uncover duplicates that should be closed or merged.

Seeing my answers for the topic-of-the-day also helped a lot in detecting duplicate questions. Often there would be new questions on the same topic that old answers were upvoted about. Without having just seen the upvoted answers, I probably would have forgotten they existed, and lots of duplicates would not have been caught.

It was also useful to be alerted to downvotes. Sometimes they were just due to vandals or retribution, but every once in a while they pointed out something I could edit a bit to make better.

Occasionally I'd look at the top answers list. Those were the ones people were reading regularly, so sometimes I'd go back and spruce them up a bit. Without a list, I would have forgotten about most of those, or not know which ones were worth some additional effort.

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I get what you're saying. I've wanted the same feature occasionally, because I think it's nice to see at a glance which posts people like, and which posts people dislike (or, in the intermediate case, even just find neither particularly helpful nor unhelpful).

However, keep in mind that reputation score is only a temporary solution for Codidact. Longer term, the plan is to move toward trust levels instead. Trust levels are tied to specific activities; editing has been mentioned as one example.

I would personally rather see something that tells me, at a glance, which posts are voted on and how, over time.

I'm not sure how to best visualize that, though. It should certainly be easy enough to make a view that lists one's own posts sorted by votes, but that doesn't capture the "over time" part. It would be similarly easy to make a view that lists votes received by post and day, but that would probably be quite cluttered. It will be normal for posts that have been around longer to have more votes, since more people are likely to have seen them and therefore had an opportunity to vote on them. It might well be more interesting though to know that the answer I posted yesterday has been upvoted three times already, than that the answer I posted a year ago has been upvoted ten times.


Codidact needs to get over its disdain of rep. It's useful, even important, on certain types of sites. Unfortunately, there are some that see rep as evil, and don't want others to have it. While seeing votes scaled by age of post could be useful, just having a recent history of voting activity on your own posts would go a long way towards what I want. Now I see rep change, but don't know what was liked, or disliked. I didn't realize how much I used this feedback until I no longer had it. Olin Lathrop 9 days ago

@OlinLathrop In general, I'm inclined to agree that some kind of metric that indicates how useful/correct a user's contributions historically have been is useful. However, your question appears to me to talk not about rep, but about voting, which is different. aCVn 8 days ago

Votes on posts is the primary (but not only) source of reputation on SE, but if your goal is to see how others vote on your posts, reputation is only a means by which you're notified of new votes. I do believe that we should focus on the goal, rather than the mechanism. aCVn 8 days ago

@aCVn: OK, but whatever you call it, it is still valuable feedback to see how things you wrote were received. That's what I'm asking for. On SE this was called "rep". Olin Lathrop 8 days ago

We are planning to show user info (a la the "user card" on SE) that has better stats that just one number. Something like: number of posts of each type (or maybe just number of posts), approximate total score of answers (as a range not a precise number that people angst over when it goes down by 1), top tags. We have wireframe sketches but it's not completely nailed down yet. As for activity per post, I do want users to be able to see which posts are actively getting votes; we're discussing how. Monica Cellio 8 days ago