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Review the reviews, show other users' feedback, filter reviewable items by tags


3 points in this proposal:

  • Allow users to review other users' reviews;
  • Display information about reviews on your reviews by others;
  • Allow reviewers to opt out of certain tags if they are not confident in reviewing them.

It should be possible to review other users' completed reviews and subsequently show this data to the original reviewers for their information - which kinds of content they seem to be reviewing correctly or incorrectly according to their peers.

If someone makes a number of bad reviews, and are eligible for a temporary review ban, they should know exactly what led to that, so that they can learn from their mistakes and choose how to proceed. For example:

  • Learn more about how to review and not make the same mistakes again;
  • If the problem is about an area of expertise that the user doesn't know enough about, propose the user to
    • Temporarily opt out of reviewing content with relevant tags, and every month ask them again if they would like to re-enable those tags, if they feel like they've learned enough to be able to do a better job at reviewing them than before.
    • Or just keep them filtered indefinitely if it's something the user has no way or intention of learning/reviewing.
Why should this post be closed?


Huh? What reveiews? Olin Lathrop about 1 month ago

I assumed reviews would exist on Codidact. Are they not a planned feature for any of the communities? user1306322 about 1 month ago

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These may well all be things we do when reviews are implemented. At the moment, reviews don't exist, so I'm marking this [status-deferred].


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