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Community Ad Templates now available


You have a website or a blog where you want to advertise for your favorite Codidact community? Or you got permission to advertise on someone else's website?


Please spread the word and invite other people to our communities.

Today we have deployed a feature, that makes this even easier: Community ad templates. We'll give you a link, which you can use to advertise Codidact, a specific community, random posts from a community or a specific post.

On every community, you'll find a link in the sidebar in the box with the Codidact logo. For this Meta community for example, the link is There you'll find all information you might need:

Screenshot of an advertisement dashboard

Please note, that we are still fixing some last bugs, but you can already use that page to advertise the amazing sites y'all build.

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Just in case the question arises... the examples in the screenshot are from a test server. :-) Monica Cellio about 1 month ago

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[status-completed] - This has been completed. Furthermore, exclusion of some categories (ex. Meta) and requiring a minimum score is now possible.

The more I think about this, the more I think that we need one more variant.

Looking at the screenshot in the question, we've currently got:

  • Codidact network
  • Community
  • Random question from a community
  • A specific question

(The last two are shown as one and the same, but I really think that those should be considered separately.)

What I think we need in addition to those:

  • Random question limited to those in a select category

This would allow us to selectively advertise, say, Scientific Speculation's Rigorous Science category in places where that's appropriate, without having to manually pick out a specific question to advertise.

The mechanics of that would be the same as the random question from a community type of ad, just with the set of possible questions to select from restricted to those in the specified category.


This makes sense. The list of questions used for the random question is cached (the same as the "hot" list in the sidebar) and this would be not, but that doesn't sound too problematic here, given that the images are cached. luap42 about 1 month ago

[status-planned]. Code is written, pending review and deploy. luap42 14 days ago


[status-completed] - This has been completed. Exclusion of some categories (ex. Meta) and requiring a minimum score is now possible.

Regarding the third ad template, the one which takes a random unanswered question – Is there a way to ensure it only picks up questions from the Q&A category, and exclude ones from per-site Metas?


I believe that is the plan, not sure if it is already implemented. manassehkatz about 1 month ago

Yes I asked for that too. We're going to add "include in ads?" as a configuration option for categories, so we can turn it off for meta and leave it up to communities whether to include other categories like contests. (And if a community doesn't want to have random-post ads at all, they can just turn it off everywhere including Q&A, though I hope that will be infrequent.) Monica Cellio about 1 month ago

This hasn't been done yet, but seems useful. I'll add it to our TODO list. luap42 about 1 month ago

Definitely not just "exclude everything except Q&A". Consider Scientific Speculation's Rigorous Science category, which we might definitely want to draw attention to. aCVn about 1 month ago

@aCVn Yeah. The idea is definitely to only exclude some categories, not to limit it to Meta (of course, this'll be configureable per category and community) luap42 about 1 month ago

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I like the idea.

Is it possible to add the functionality that the image is clickable and links to the post in question by expanding the HTML snippet with the relevant additions? I find it a bit cumbersome to type in the URL myself and I bet most users expect the image to be clickable.

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I can add a HTML example for an image in a link, but it's hard to do this for the question ads, as we'd need JS for this (as we can't know, which question the random one links to) luap42 about 1 month ago

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