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Deleted posts should be accessible to the creator *or* there should be a warning


I started writing an answer on Scientific Speculation and accidentally submitted it in a very incomplete state. Then my toddler came by and started making it hard to work on the stub. So, using my finely honed Stack Exchange reflexes I decided to delete the post until I could edit in into shape.

Only now I can't access it.

Have I stumbled on a incomplete part of QPixel? Or maybe I just don't have a high enough trust level? Or is this a intended as a general thing?

In any case, given the high profile of Stack Exchange in the Q&A market place I suspect others will fall into the same trap, so I think we should either let owners see and edit their deleted posts or we need a warning about the irrevocable nature of that action.

Why should this post be closed?


I found the post. Should I undelete it for you right now? (if later, ping me then) luap42 20 days ago

@luap42 I'm short on time again, so I'll have to get back to it later, but thanks. dmckee 20 days ago

Oops, yeah -- authors should be able to see that. I'll add it to our board. If you want a copy of the text so you can work on it offline, just let me know how to get it to you (or we can undelete and you can add a "work in progress" notice to the top if you prefer). Sorry about the inconvenience! Monica Cellio 20 days ago

@Monica I'm unlikely to get back to it today, so I'll just wait for the time being. Thanks. dmckee 20 days ago

@dmckee I think this was fixed. Can you look, whether the answer is now available to you again? luap42 8 days ago

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Monica wrote in a comment that this is being added to the list of things to do, so I suppose we should see a fix some time in the near future.

I would like to make a very much related request.

Authors should always be able to see their own deleted answers, regardless of the reason why the post was deleted, by whom, and the reputation or trust level of the author.

That is, irrespective of whether or not they see other deleted posts, and also irrespective of whether they have the ability to undelete the answer in question.

I would like to see this extended also to top-level posts such as questions, but that brings into consideration things like which answers should be visible. It should, however, be uncomplicated for answers, since answers have no further posts (other than comments) attached to them.

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I don't see a problem with the author of a deleted question being able to see all answers that were not explicitly deleted. That is, if something got deleted while the question was still live, the author wouldn't have been able to see that, so shouldn't gain that access through question deletion. But if it was available, and the only reason it's not now is that the supporting question was deleted, why not? Monica Cellio 19 days ago


Thanks to this commit by ArtOfCode, this bug has been fixed. Authors should now be able to see their own deleted answers.

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(and nope, I don't feel guilty for shamelessly writing the answer to a bug I didn't fix... :P) luap42 6 days ago

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