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Subscriptions graph doesn't make sense


On the EE site, Moderator Tools > Reports > Users yields the following graph:


This can't be right, because it shows users joining before 7 June, the day the site was launched. It's also not clear what the real Y axis units are, since absolute numbers of signups is meaningless without a time interval, like signups/fortnight or something.

These are low priority issues since this graph isn't critical for anything. I noticed it, so I'm mentioning it just to get it on a list to address eventually.

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This is by design. The users you're seeing created before the site... well, they were - they're user accounts that were created elsewhere before EE launched (like mine - which is one of those on Dec 8), and then had a profile created on EE through using the site. Since user accounts are shared across sites, there's only one creation date.

The units are weeks - if you hover over a data point, it should give you the day at the start of the week it relates to and the absolute value of the point, i.e. there were 5 users created in the week commencing Dec 8.


Do you think it’s possible to use community_user for this? luap42 10 days ago

Maaaaybe, @luap42 ... we already join community_user to restrict to current community, but I'm not sure if we need the information from both tables. ArtOfCode 10 days ago

So this graph is really showing when users joined Codidact, who then also joined EE. That's rather unintuitive, and I'm not sure how much useful information it provides. I think this either should be properly explained, or just removed altogether. Olin Lathrop 10 days ago

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