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Allow moderators to pin posts to that site's sidebar, individually or by seasonal event


Featured Posts

One neat feature on SE was that mods could mark posts as [featured], and any such-tagged post would appear in a special sidebar widget. That way meta posts which the per-site mods felt deserved individual attention could be pinned for people to see (often community events and site policy discussions). Ideally this would be a category setup toggle (i.e. "allow featured posts from this category? Y/N"), but even an all-category mod-only [featured] tag would be amazing.

Seasonally Featured Tags

Additionally, SE featured site calendars, wherein a mod could specify a date range for an event, and in the period leading up to and during the event, users could click on the link in the calendar to view all questions related to that event. For instance, consider an agriculture-centric site which celebrates a harvest festival every year on August 4, wherein everyone gathers to cut, collect, and separate the summer's bounty. Such a site might want to display "Harvest Festival upcoming on August 4," and clicking on that would show all questions tagged [harvest], [gathering], and/or [winnowing].

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Partly duplicate of Zerotime 9 days ago

@Zerotime this request here looks like it is a bit more (a site calendar), but that’s IMO likely going to happen later than the other request. luap42 9 days ago

P.S. It's actually the other way round... :P working on it. See for an example screenshot. luap42 8 days ago

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Thanks for your suggestion. This has been completed. See Announcing featured links.


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