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Suggested edits don't show meaningful diff


When a suggested edit review appears for your post, it isn't possible to see what was changed. Someone made an edit to my post here and the diff I get contains the whole post, in the form of an unformatted wall of text. It's not possible to see what was changed, if anything.

I'm using Firefox.

Why should this post be closed?

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Same in Chrome 84 for Windows. ‭msh210‭ about 1 month ago

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I've seen the board assessing this problem as a high priority issue. Somewhere it's marked as medium priority, but that's not entirely true (in case someone has read).

I could guess that this would be almost completely tackled in a matter of from several weeks to a few months.

Meanwhile I'm working on it too, since a few days ago, a little in advance, see if I can finish before them.

It seemed curious to me that there was no answer, so to let people know several heads are on this.


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