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Add a [status-pending] or similar tag


My other Meta post n the usage of status tags pointed out a pretty big gap to me. Namely, we don't have a tag to signify that something is being actively worked on. While we currently use either [status-completed] (for things that are done developing but not yet launched) or [status-planned] to this effect, votes on the linked discussion seem to signal that [status-completed] shouldn't be used for this, and the [status-planned], to me, tag signals that something is planned for the future and isn't being worked on at the moment.

You may ask "why don't we say [status-planned] = in progress and [status-deferred] = planned for later?" However, [status-deferred] to me signals that it has no plans to be worked on, but also isn't rejected; the idea is sort of in limbo.

Thus, I suggest we create a new tag for this purpose. In the comments, Monica Cellio suggested that if this happens, we could use [status-pending] analogous to the one for Site Proposals.

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If we do this, I would suggest status-pending (for consistency with site proposals), and that it means the work is done or nearly done with very high probability of being done soon enough for the next deploy. It should mean "coming soon" rather than "somebody started a branch for that". ‭Monica Cellio‭ 25 days ago

Trying to communicate this level of detail with tags is pointless. Its would mostly be busy-work for the developers, and provide very little useful actionable information to the users. Let's not make things difficult for the volunteers that are developing this software. ‭Olin Lathrop‭ 25 days ago

@Monica Cellio Oh, that sounds much better than my suggestions. I'll put that in the post. ‭Moshi‭ 25 days ago

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I think that whether something is actively being worked on or planned on being worked on is irrelevant to the end user: either way, he doesn't have it yet but will after some indefinite amount of time. So this might as well be subsumed within the "status-planned" tag.


Currently, [status-planned] is basically equivalent to "it's in the Trello board". A [status-in-progress] would be more equivalent to the yellow in-progress tag on the Trello board, just a lot more public. ‭Mithical‭ 25 days ago

@Mithical Big thanks for the link to trello board. At least now I know the feature-requests/bug reports aren't ignored if they don't receive any comments ‭FoggyFinder‭ 25 days ago

The Trello board contains everything that's been reported/requested that's neither done nor declined. Not everything there has been triaged, and prioritization is loose. ‭Monica Cellio‭ 25 days ago

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