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No notification about too long comments during edit


If you write a long comment close to 500 characters, then edit it and go beyond 500, you get no notification that the comment is now too long.

The letter counter isn't present during edit and when you click done, nothing happens. The comment doesn't get changed and you get no error message, the site just silently refuses to acknowledge the button click.

I thought this was network lag or a browser issue until I figured out the reason, so I'm guessing this is a UI bug.

I'm using Firefox.


Actually I'm having lots of problems with the site overall since today, which seems to be caused by Firefox Privacy Badger plug-in. It has worked fine on Codidact until today. I just noticed that up and down voting didn't work either and tracked it down to the plug-in.

So this may or may not be a false alarm.

Why should this post be closed?


I have Privacy badger (Firefox, Linux) and have no problems voting as of now. I have noticed that the comment length limit is not always displayed, but I have not looked more into it. ‭tommi‭ 15 days ago

@tommi Some manner of hiccup was present yesterday and disabling the badger fixed it. Today it works just fine again. ‭Lundin‭ 15 days ago

Not a false alarm - there're other bug reports related to comments. ‭FoggyFinder‭ 15 days ago

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