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Notification dropdown sometimes doesn't open when clicked


This has been a recurring problem for me.

Sometimes (far from always, but far too often to be comfortable), when I click the notification dropdown "inbox" icon, it simply fails to open; the element is selected (a dotted line is drawn surrounding it) but nothing else happens. This is on Firefox ESR (currently) 68.12.0 64-bit on Debian, but I've had the same problem for a while so it's not tied to the exact browser version.

It's a bit difficult to pinpoint since it only happens sometimes. What I can say is that I'm not changing any settings in the browser (either the browser itself, or plugins) between when it works and when it doesn't.

I have looked in the browser's Console and Network tab, and things look fine there; a XHR POST is issued to when I click the inbox icon, and that responds with HTTP 200 and response body payload {"status":"success"} (but curiosly, apparently no message data) and there are no relevant failures shown under Network despite "Persist Logs" being on and "All" requests being selected to be shown. That request includes the __cfduid cookie with what looks like the same value as a request to load a question page (which definitely shows me as signed in), and there seem to be no other cookies involved in either request.

The only possible partial explanation I can think of is that I am accessing Codidact over Tor, but the fact that there are no relevant errors shown in the browser's debugging tools seems to suggest that this is not the problem. (Please don't say "don't use Tor". Being able to access a site over Tor can be a major issue for privacy-conscious users, and shouldn't in itself cause problems on a well-designed site.)

Why should this post be closed?


Please don't say "don't use Tor" hell I wouldnt mind if you had even created a tor tag ‭.                                                .‭ about 1 month ago

Could it be related to this issue? (Despite being closed, it hasn't actually been fixed yet) ‭Moshi‭ about 1 month ago

I can reproduce this: I can't access the comments on any questions and answers I browse. Firefox, Windows 10. ‭Zerotime‭ about 1 month ago

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