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A badge! A badge for completing the Codidactyl Tour. Or even several badges!! And points!!


I completed the entire Codidactyl Tour (including filling in question, flagging uncivil answer to mods etc.) and all I got was this...

... well actually I didn't get anything. No points and no badges.

Now, you may be working on this, in which case excuse me for being premature.

But, if not (or if not yet) please do consider awarding points and badges for completing sections of the tour and / or the entire tour.

It means a warmer welcome (I think so, anyway - I'm happy to hear alternative perspectives) for new members who volunteer to jump through some hoops. And, I suppose, if the tour-completion badge is unique it will incentivise more new members who missed the Codidactyl Tour when they first signed up to loop back and complete it.

Thank you all. Your feedback on this suggestion appreciated.

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There are no badges for doing anything. Dani‭ about 1 month ago

Why badges are necessary? For now I see no arguments in your Q. FoggyFinder‭ about 1 month ago

@FoggyFinder - please see the paragraph above which begins with: "It means a warmer welcome [...]" Rounin‭ about 1 month ago

Badges, like points, are a form of extrinsic motivation, or 'gamification' if you will. Extrinsic motivation has its downfalls, so I for one want a site based of intrinsic motivation which in the long run tends to be a better motivator. It's also worth mentioning that we're getting rid of the importance of rep, although some sites may keep the number if they want Mithrandir24601‭ about 1 month ago

@Rounin arguable. For example, I've found badges annoying. FoggyFinder‭ about 1 month ago

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I'm little bit unsure about badges. They are a tool you can use for gamification (so to speak: participate in that or that way to gain that or that badge) but also a tool to show what someone has achieved so far. The latter function is something I like.

Right now, I miss an option to show that some users have specific domain knowledge. Within specialised communities, there will always be even more specialised sub-topics one can ask and answer questions about.

For Software Development, it's all the primary languages one can use to write code in but also external libraries or modules. On Mathematics, one can be an expert in statistics without being an expert in number theory. On Cooking, someone can be an expert in baking without being an expert in preparing meat.

I really liked the opportunity on the SE sites to be able to gain badges for domain knowledge and this is something I can envision to exist here as well because it helps (new) users to discern if among all the answers they get there are answers from proven1 experts.

Apart from that, I don't like the gamification aspect too much but I think it could help to introduce moderator-related badges which can be awarded according to the design principles of the newly introduced abilities. Maybe this motivates users to be more engaged in "day-to-day moderating" (suggest edits for posts, report posts, create tag descriptions, etc.).

  1. Proven in the sense of having received a lot of interaction (upvotes) on one's posts.

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The current implementation of abilities (on dev) shows earned abilities publicly, so there isn't really a need for badges in that case. As for domain knowledge, if there's no technical reason to have tag "badges" (ex on SE it gives close rights for questions under that specific tag), then I would prefer "top tags" i.e. which tags you have the highest score in displayed on your profile; on SE that would be votes, over here it would be calculated similar to abilities. Moshi‭ about 1 month ago


There are 3 non-related things we might want to keep track of or reward:

  • user activity - the user is active on the site
  • moderator suitability - the user does user moderator tasks
  • domain knowledge

If that is done with badges or score etc probably doesn't matter much.

But if we for example hold moderator elections, we might want some proof of the candidate's suitability - see if they are active and if they use their user moderator previligies such as they are. This played a major part in all moderator elections at SE.



As sort of an extension of Zerotime's response,

I really liked the opportunity on the SE sites to be able to gain badges for domain knowledge and this is something I can envision to exist here as well because it helps (new) users to discern if among all the answers they get there are answers from proven[1] experts.

If we can get these domain/tag badges, it would be cool if they appeared on our answers. For example, if the question is tagged "c++", and a user with something like a "top answerer for c++" badge answers, then that badge would be displayed with the user attribution.


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