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A vote in the meta category for the EE site reflected in my reputation. Is that a bug?


We've got a category for meta posts on the electrical engineering (EE) vsite. I've noticed that votes on my posts in the meta reflect in my reputation on the EE site. The votes on a local meta-EE shouldn't reflect on the reputation on EE. This looks like a bug (or a lack of feature), or a missing configuration.

Reputation should reflect what somebody knows about the subject matter of the site. If the upvotes in a meta count towards subject matter reputation, then it becomes easy to abuse the meta. If somebody wants cheap reputation, one can say something very popular along the lines of “free bread and circuses”, or just tell a joke, and get upvotes. But that doesn’t reflect his expertise in the subject matter, or his willingness to write quality Q&A. Meta shouldn't count towards reputation. The Old Republic SE got that one right.

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Why shouldn't they be the same rep, it is the same site? Dani‭ 29 days ago

@Dani I expect that the rep will be the same, and it will be equal to the rep on the main site (subject matter site). I expect that the votes on meta don't count toward reputation. For example, Alice has an answer on a subject matter site with 3 upvotes, and another answer on the meta attached to that subject matter site with 7 upvotes (say, she posted a really good joke). Alice's reputation should be 30, not 100. Nick Alexeev‭ 29 days ago

I agree. This has bugged me too. Rep is supposed to be a single public number that gives a quick idea of how much someone has contributed appreciated content in the domain of the site. Agreeing or disagreeing with some policy discussions shouldn't enter into that. Olin Lathrop‭ 29 days ago

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All categories are treated equally; voting in any category affects reputation.

This is different to how it works on Stack Exchange, but that's just one of those differences - neither approach is necessarily the One True Way, this is just the one we've picked to go down.

Reputation won't be around for too much longer in any case, so this won't be an issue much longer.

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Even though [for better, or for worse] a sum-total reputation won't be around for too much longer, the votes on questions and answers are going to go into calculation of trust levels (privileges, abilities). So, I propose a feature. Each category will have a setting, which will determine if the votes in that category count outside of that category, or are only displayed inside of that category. Nick Alexeev‭ 29 days ago

@NickAlexeev sounds like an idea. Might I suggest you post it as a question on this site so it gets the attention it deserves? msh210‭ 29 days ago

You keep saying "rep will go away", but I haven't seen anyone describe a good system to replace it. You still need some kind of publicly visible "awesomeness score" you get by creating great content within the domain of the site. It taps into gamification, gives something for new users to aspire to, and fosters competition among the experts providing answers. Rep worked well for this. Olin Lathrop‭ 29 days ago

@ArtOfCode (or @ meta mods), could you please remove the [status-bydesign] tag? Then I'll re-label the question as a feature request, and rewrite it a bit too. Nick Alexeev‭ 29 days ago

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