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Posts should have a visible indication whether they've been edited, and when the last edit was made


Currently, each post is visibly tagged with a timestamp that indicates when it was posted, as well as by whom.

Also, of course, posts can be edited; both by the original poster, and by other users.

Editing a post bumps the associated question to the top of the front page, ideally with a correct "last activity" timestamp and user indication. The time when each post was most recently edited is available in the history for each respective post (question or answer).

However, there is no indication on the question/answers page that a post has been edited, let alone when it most recently was.

Especially for a question with multiple answers, this can be a drawback.

Is there any chance we can have some kind of visible indication associated with each post which has been edited, that it has been edited and when it was most recently edited? (Those two can probably be rolled into one.) The details of the edit should still be available in the edit history, of course.

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