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How to make an edit that only changes the tag list by adding a tag that does not exist?


I tried to add a tag to an existing post by editing it and it failed because there was no actual post edit:

No changes were saved did not edit the post

After further tests I realized that this happens only if the added tag(s) do not already exist (probably the validation see no difference because the non yet existent tags are ignored).

After slightly editing the post, the edit could be submitted, but the issue still remains.

How to make an edit that only changes the tag list (nothing in the post body)?

Why should this post be closed?


@Alexei I just edited your post and only added the [tags] tag, so it seems that it either doesn't affect either me or it doesn't affect Meta. Could you try editing the post, or a different post, and see if it happens again? ‭Moshi‭ 29 days ago

Were you adding an existing tag, or creating+adding a new tag? ‭‮edoCfOtrA‭ 29 days ago

I have just add a new tag. Only when I made a slight change in the body, the edit could get past the validation. ‭Alexei‭ 29 days ago

I have performed a few checks on two posts and now I understand the actual scenario when the validation does not work as expected (I have edited my post to reflect that). ‭Alexei‭ 29 days ago

@ArtOfCode I ran into this on some community metas recently when adding the missing basic tags (like support). I couldn't characterize it at the time, so while I might have mentioned it in chat I didn't do anything more -- figured maybe it was a fluke. ‭Monica Cellio‭ 29 days ago

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