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What, another meta? What's this site for?


Codidact Meta is for questions about the instance that we will host. It is not about the platform itself; for that, please continue to use the forum and GitHub.

But what does that leave, you ask? Use this meta site for questions about:

  • instance-level policies and governance
  • new communities that would (or might) like to join us and how to help them
  • setup/configuration of our instance (URLs, services, integrations, etc)
  • emergent patterns on our communities that might need to be fed back to the platform developers (community X has this need and is currently kludging it by doing Y; what would help them? etc)

It's also fine to ask questions about using the software itself (currently QPixel, later Codidact). If it turns out to be a bug someone can file a report on GitHub so it doesn't get lost, but I assume there will be "how do I do X?" and "why did this do that?" questions. Those are fine.

Finally, I see that Codidact Meta has a meta site. That's built into QPixel. We should probably, um, ignore that.

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What about using the codidact meta meta site for questions about qpixel, while codidact meta would be more about the future site that will be Codidact? Is that too much/too confusing/putting boundaries where there doesn't need to be any? Mithrandir24601 4 months ago

@mithrandir24601 I worry that that would add confusion. Meta is already "another place"; meta meta even more so. We can use a QPixel tag for questions that are specifically about this platform, and then when we migrate to the Codidact platform we can archive those. How does that sound? Monica Cellio 4 months ago

I'm pretty sure we can remove the meta/meta link safely for this site... PinnyM 4 months ago

@MonicaCellio [how do I reply/ping here?] Seems reasonable to me - it's not like I was panicking or anything about meta meta not being used, it was just a random thought that might/might not have been any good really :) Mithrandir24601 4 months ago

@Mithrandir24601 your comment pinged me. Looks like we don't have auto-complete but if you spell out a name it pings. Monica Cellio 4 months ago

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