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How much reputation is enough reputation?


I clicked on "edit" on a post, and received the following message:


You have been denied access to this resource because you lack the necessary privileges to access it. Once you gain enough reputation, you will be granted access.

If you believe you encountered this page in error, or you want to report a fault, you can contact the administrator at [email protected]

I don't really care about obtaining the privileges or the reputation, but I cannot help wonder what privileges are available and how much reputation is required to obtain them.

I also noted Monica writes here:

Privileges will be tied to your activity rather than basing everything off a single reputation number.

Is this officially agreed? If so, is the privilege based on reputation or tied to activity? What activities will lead to what privileges?

I looked through all the links I could find on the site, but I couldn't see where this is addressed.

Why should this post be closed?


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Looking at the site settings, it appears, that there are these privileges currently:

  • 250 reputation grant you the privilege to close and reopen questions.
  • 500 reputation will allow you to edit posts by other users.
  • 1000 reputation will grant you the privilege to see deleted posts and to delete (and undelete) posts.

However, the Codidact software will switch to a Trust Level based system soon, as was decided on the forum:

The current specification for trust levels (pending some changes) can be found in the docs GitHub wiki

While some details are bound to change, this is the general idea we are following. Furthermore, some privileges will be given only (or earlier), when you have shown, that you know the tool. For examples, when we have suggested edits, you will be able to edit directly if you suggest many good edits.

You can also be sure, that the trust level system (unlike the temporary reputation system) will be documented better.


Spec for trust levels -- needs some small updates yet: Monica Cellio 2 months ago

@Monica Cellio thanks; added. luap42 2 months ago