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A proposal for keyboard shortcuts


(This may not be the simplest feature request. It's also not extremely high priority. It's a nice-to-have, not imperative, and may not be possible at the moment - which is fine.)

Everyone loves keyboard shortcuts. Programmers are known to love using their keyboards to whiz around without touching the mouse, and even other people often prefer the ease of using the keyboard and not having to change input methods all the time. It's also a type of accessibility feature (disclaimer: I wrote that).

In that vein, I'd love to see keyboard shortcuts arrive here on Codidact in some form. I've lined out a few commands that I'd think would be useful and are in line with my experience using keyboard shortcuts elsewhere on the 'net (Twitter, Stack, etc.).

?: brings up available shortcuts
n: new post (in that category)
s: search
g: go to...
  m: main page (of that site)
  u: users
  f: flags
  h: help
  p: your profile
  c: category...
    1: first category (generally Q&A)
    2: second category (Site Proposals, here); etc. for however many categories there are
j: moves selection down one item (such as posts on a category page or answers to a question)
k: moves selection up one item
t: use a tool... (on a post)
  f: flag
  e: edit
  c: comment
  l: get permalink
  h: view history
  m: migrate post
  d: delete
  v: vote...
    u: up
    d: down
    c: close

Why should this post be closed?


Can't have d twice under "vote"... other than that, looks good. Not trivial to implement, though... ArtOfCode 25 days ago

@ArtOfCode - ah yes. I moved "delete" out into its own tool. (I had originally had both close and delete separate from vote, but then moved close in so as not to interfere with comment. I then put delete in for consistency, but overlooked the duplicate "d".) Mithical 25 days ago

Not trivial, as Art said, but definitely someone, we can have a userscript for first and then later add to core. I can look at it later/tomorrow, though. luap42 25 days ago

Okay... Easier than I thought. I have something almost ready (missing: migrate post, but idk if that already exists) and will share it tomorrow. luap42 24 days ago

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Update: Now active by default (no user script needed). See this answer

I have hacked together a userscript for this. If it works, we can also add it to the "original" Codidact software. If it doesn't, blame me programming something past midnight.

Install - See the source

Tested only in Firefox with Greasemonkey, but I don't see why it shouldn't work with other platforms... :) Please report bugs/request features here in the comments or there on GitHub as issues.



You are lucky!

This has been completed. It's now in core, so no need for a user script anymore. There are also some additions to the user script version, namely, that post, user and tag lists are now supported.


Should bugs be reported as a comment/answer here or as a new question? Dani 3 days ago

@Dani if it's a small and easily reproducible problem, then comments are fine. Otherwise use a new question, as it's now a "core feature". luap42 2 days ago

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